The design company Ro Collection was established in Copenhagen in the summer of 2013 by Rebecca Uth in collaboration with a business partner and later on with investors. 

Developed company strategy; DNA, visual identity, design and product development, sourcing, quality control and CSR, PR and marketing and a lot of practical entrepreneur tasks such as setting up at trade fairs and travelling to factories around Europe. 

“My ambition was to create a design driven company – a contrast to the superficial, the transient, the fastness and the perishable in our time.  

With a strong passion for design and crafts Ro was born. Objects created by talented craftsmen in durable designs and natural materials. There are thoughtful narratives behind all the designs and within this passion lies the key to real sustainability

Ro is the Danish word for serenity, calmness and peace of mind. These values are the essence of every Ro design piece.

Rebecca Uth worked in the company until 2019. During that time all graphic, marketing, website, visual stories, photography and movies were developed and executed by her and the creative team. 

/ 2013 – 2019